Penile Girth Enhancement

Every man has different goals when it comes to penile girth. While various types of injectables and surgeries have been performed for penile girth enhancement, many can lead to ineffective or undesirable results and even serious complications. Off-label use of FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler is a safe and effective way to improve penile girth. This customizable treatment allows each man to decide his desired outcome.

Top Certified PhalloFILL™ Provider in Miami, FL

Miami men’s sexual health expert, Dr. Amy Pearlman of PRIME Institute, is among a few elite doctors nationally who are able to offer the PhalloFILL™ enhancement for penile girth enhancement.



Hyaluronic acid filler involves a series of 2 or more treatments. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes to perform.  Men undergoing this therapy have reported up to 6 years of some level of retention using these fillers. 


The PhalloFILL™ enhancement is a proprietary combination of technique and artistry using a special hyaluronic acid filler that has been proven over the course of thousands of treatments. PhalloFILL™ solves problems common with other girth enhancement techniques such as lack of consistency or natural appearance. With each treatment session, you’ll enjoy visible and noticeable gains. Not only that, but PhalloFILL™ treatments are highly customizable and have been shown to last for years.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Penile Enhancement with PhalloFill™?

Penile Enhancement with dermal filler is an option for anyone seeking to increase penile girth.

Why gaining a Larger Penis with PhalloFILL™ is so popular in Miami, FL

Patients who have enhanced their penis with filler report they have the same if not enhanced sensitivity and harder erections as a result of the procedure.



PhalloFILL™ involves a series of injections spread over several sessions. But you’ll be able to see results even after the first treatment.



PhalloFILL™ can be customized based on your unique anatomy. Dr. Amy Pearlman can even correct some forms of shape imperfections that you may have always been self-conscious about.



Our penile girth enhancement approach has been shown to last years in many cases. Not only that, but if at some point down the road you decide you want even more girth, we can add more.



It’s not uncommon for our patients to see life-changing results after just a few treatments. We routinely see increases of 1 to 1 1/2 inches of girth. The difference can be visually dramatic. 


Get all your questions answered about penile enhancement treatment with Dr. Amy Pearlman.


Fillers vs. Other Male Size Enhancement Procedures

The benefits of Penile Filler over other alternatives include:

  • Safe & long-lasting results
  • Highly customizable, yet reversible treatments
  • Immediate results with little to no downtime


Other experimental enhancement procedures, including fat transfer and silicone implants, have been known to create serious complications for patients. Dermal filler penile enhancement achieves natural and long-lasting results that can last several years, with the safety and track record of products that have been rigorously tested and on the market for over 20 years. Filler treatment can also be reversible, in the event a patient is not satisfied with the outcome. With her many years of experience, Dr. Pearlman offers corrective services for poorly administered penile enhancements obtained elsewhere.




  • For maximum size, some men may desire up to 30 units over the course of several treatments. This amount may result in increased girth of about 1.5 inches when flaccid and 1 inch when erect.

For maximum size, some men may desire up to 30 units over the course of several treatments. This amount may result in increased girth of about 1.5 inches when flaccid and 1 inch when erect.

Sexual activity can resume after one week.

While hyaluronic acid filler can be safely used to increase the size of the head of the penis, doing so often leads to aesthetically unappealing results and may only last a few months, compared to when it is injected into the penile shaft.


Dr. Pearlman is fellowship-trained in sexual health and penile reconstruction. She believes in providing comprehensive care when it comes to the treatment of male sexual health and genital concerns. As a result, she will discuss all treatment options with you prior to consideration of penile girth enhancement so that she can help you come up with a treatment plan to best meet your sexual and quality of life goals. 

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