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PRIME Institute’s shop features an assortment curated by world-renowned men’s health specialist and board-certified urologist Dr. Amy Pearlman. Dr. Pearlman ensures that every item in the shop meets the highest standards of efficacy and safety. 

Live at your Prime!

“The RestoreX device has the backing of solid scientific research, clinically proven to enhance penile length and improve penile curvature, significant concerns for many men. 

This device is also easy to use. Unlike alternative systems that demand a substantial daily commitment of up to 9 hours, RestoreX may be conveniently incorporated into one’s daily routine with just 1 or 2, 30-minute treatments.”

~ Dr. Amy Pearlman

“The FirmTech performance and tech rings offer simplicity in both application and removal, making them not only effective but also user-friendly. 

They are also designed to optimize comfort and are safe to be worn for hours at a time, differentiating them from other penile constriction bands on the market.

Remarkably, the tech ring is also the sole commercially available device capable of providing real-time insights into one’s erectile health (with information regarding number, duration, and firmness of erections during and separate from sexual activity). This device may help men understand their erectile function related to nutrition, exercise, and medications, as well as track recovery after interventions like treatment for prostate cancer.”

~ Dr. Amy Pearlman

“MysteryVibe boasts a diverse product range thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals of all genders, acknowledging the intrinsic beauty of human diversity and the unique needs that accompany it.

These products exhibit a remarkable capacity for customization, a hallmark feature that allows them to be tailored to target specific points of stimulation, ensuring a personalized experience.

Beyond mere innovation, robust research underscores the potential for these products to not only alleviate concerns related to genital or pelvic discomfort but also to amplify pleasure using vibrational technologies.”

~ Dr. Amy Pearlman

“Promescent presents a non-invasive, safe solution for addressing premature ejaculation. 

This user-friendly topical medication is applied to the penis, absorbing fully within 5-10 minutes to initiate its effects, providing up to an hour of effectiveness. Notably, Promescent distinguishes itself from alternative oral medications by offering a safe and well-tolerated option, minimizing concerns about potential serious side effects while effectively extending the time to orgasm.”

~ Dr. Amy Pearlman

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“VitaFLUX® by Promescent® offers a non-invasive option to improve male sexual health.

Nitric oxide (NO) plays a crucial role in penile erection. Oral l-citrulline boosts blood levels of l-arginine and NO production. NO widens blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow into the penile tissue, resulting in erection.

VitaFLUX®, a certified nutritional supplement taken twice daily, either as pills or powder, contains L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Carnitine, zinc, and magnesium. In a 90 day study, men experienced improved erectile function, sexual desire, and reduced depressive symptoms. Additional research evaluating combination therapy of tadalafil (generic Cialis®) with L-arginine resulted in superior erectile function results compared to either therapy alone.”

~ Dr. Amy Pearlman

“MYHIXEL® introduces an innovative solution, MYHIXEL Control®, enabling men to attain better control over ejaculation with proven effectiveness and minimal side effects.

The program spans 8 weeks, is delivered through their engaging app, and incorporates their anatomically realistic stimulation device. MYHIXEL Control® aims to extend sexual encounters significantly, up to 7 times longer, enhancing overall sexual satisfaction.

This comprehensive approach, combining training and technology, offers men an effective means to address ejaculation concerns and enjoy a more fulfilling sexual experience.”

~ Dr. Amy Pearlman

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