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Preparing For Your Visit

The Fort Lauderdale office is located near Las Olas

101 N.E 3rd Ave #1500   Fort Lauderdale Fl, 33301 


Please Park in the Tower 101 parking garage on the 4th floor.

Take the elevator down to the lobby and then take the elevators directly in front of you to the 15th floor. 

Once on the 15th floor, inform the front desk staff that you are here to see Dr. Pearlman.


The office is located right across the street from Coral Gables Hospital

2601 SW 37th Ave Suite 803, Miami, FL 33133

Parking is located in close proximity to the office.

You may park in the garage within the medical office building. The office is able to validate parking for a significantly reduced price.

Dr. Pearlman is on the 8th floor (she sees patients in Dr. Gallagher’s office).

We accept all major credit cards. We also offer financing options through CareCredit.

State law requires that you must reside (or be located) in a state in which your doctor is licensed at the time of the appointment. Dr. Amy Pearlman is currently licensed in IA and FL. Dr. Michelle Pearlman is currently licensed in FL.

Dr. Amy Pearlman and Dr. Michelle Pearlman are out-of-network providers.  By not contracting with insurance companies, they are able to provide comprehensive and personalized care to patients. They are also able to minimize wait times and provide transparent pricing. 

Patients are provided with the necessary clinical documentation to allow those interested to submit to insurance for out-of-network reimbursement on their own behalf.  Testing and medications can also be submitted through insurance.

Dr. Amy Pearlman and Dr. Michelle Pearlman have opted out of Medicare. They are able to see patients with Medicare insurance in the same fee-for-service model as those with commercial insurance. 

Sexual Health Treatment

Many types of healthcare providers may have particular expertise in sexual health including primary care providers, urologists, gynecologists, sex therapists, and pelvic physical therapists. Dr. Amy Pearlman is a board-certified urologist with fellowship training in male sexual health. Though people often think of erectile dysfunction as being the main male sexual health concern, other common concerns include ejaculatory and orgasmic concerns, pain with sexual activity, decreased libido, and penile curvature.

We offer and will be offering a wide range of treatments to help optimize all aspects of male sexual health. In addition to lifestyle and medication therapy, these treatments include focused shockwave therapy, girth enhancement, buried penis repair, penile curvature repair, and penile implant surgery.


Weight Management Treatment

Our weight management program is ideal for those interested in losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight or those that need guidance in gaining weight. There is no specific BMI threshold for participating in the program, though BMI helps determine if you are a candidate for FDA-approved weight loss medications. 

Dr. Michelle Pearlman will get to know you and your food preferences and create a customized nutrition plan that is realistic and sustainable for you. She will provide grocery lists with options, snack and meal options and review restaurant menus to help you choose foods that align with your goals and food preferences. She provides guidelines that are evidence-based to help keep you on track whether you enjoy cooking at home, dining out, or traveling.

Dr. Michelle Pearlman is a board-certified gastroenterologist and truly believes that food is medicine. She will learn about your underlying GI concerns and customize a nutrition plan that will minimize those symptoms and allow you to reach your weight loss goals. Her current practice, however, does not offer specific imaging or upper endoscopies for diagnostic purposes.

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